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Posted on: March 1, 2016

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Recently I have had the opportunity to speak to Stephanie Carmicheal who helms the classcraft ambassador programme. Ambassadors of this programme represents educators around the world who are using and promoting classcraft in their respective countries.

Since I was interested in taking the classcraft tool to the next level, I have applied for the ambassador programme and after an awesome interview/chat session with Stephanie, who is equally an awesome person; I was accepted! I am so delighted with the kind support from the Classcraft team for my upcoming and future ventures in using this awesome gamified tool. Being currently involved in pedagogical research and exploring the use of gamification elements in the multi-disciplinary setting, this could not have come at a better time!

Classcraft brings the world of role-playing games into the classroom. It doesn’t change the content or the how the subject is taught. But it just a vehicle to shape and change the student’s approach towards the subject (any subject) by shaping their behaviour through levelling up, interactivity, cooperative learning, rewards and the sense of fun!

The challenge now is to redefine how blended learning with the inclusion of gamified mechanics of classcraft in complement with the university LMS (learning management system) can motivate and reinforce the university students’ goals and objectives in learning. Capturing how and what works is what matters here in order to identify the best approaches in gamified pedagogies.  Some will resist because chances are they aren’t the gaming type. But that is what they have concluded because they have separated and so they think that games and teaching are two separate elements. There could be a different perception of gaming among other educators especially in the field of science.


The thing is, classcraft isn’t converting math and science into games. But classcraft can makes science and math a lot more fun! the word fun doesn’t necessarily mean that making teaching fun is confined to the elementry and pre-school level. But also at the tertiary level, preserving the youthfulness of experiential learning. As experiential learning in science and math has embedded within their teaching and learning methods, a great deal of experiential projects and experiential classrooms; classcraft presents another option to add to the interest and taste for the world of fantasy adventure. And why not try something new! Observe the students analogize themselves and watch their avatars develop as they achieve their learning objectives.

So if you are an educator or a teacher and you would want to explore classcraft for your class, feel free to contact me. My contact information is on my blog. 🙂




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