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Contextual Studies Design Styles Documentaries!

Posted on: January 13, 2015

Happy 2015 and this is the first post for the year! More posts and excitement is the resolution for this year!

The August 2014 Contextual Studies group continued their exploration about the the many eccentricities about Art and Design in the industry. The survival of Art and Design is evident of the demands by the industry and the bold as well as risky steps taken by the designers themselves to present new concepts and ideas.

In Contextual Studies module, we continued to explore particular styles from particular designers and artists from different areas of the creative industries and to study it successes and shortcomings. The interviews conducted with these real practicing designers are done spontaneously with questions carefully thought about and selected in order to gain as much information and lessons about their experiences; either in work, life or academia. The students have have had a brief study about visual culture and some historical backgrounds about famous artists as well as the artist and designers whom they interviewed prior to obtaining the actual footage.

The purpose was to find some sense of relevance and some answers to their own questions about why should they study design what is the industry like. This required the students to make the journey to meet with the designers and artists face-to face and to interview them. The documentaries feature detailed and lengthy conversations but rich with information and it’s interesting to see their enthusiasm how relaxed they are with our students! The outcome was very encouraging! If you could take time to watch it please do! There will be more documentaries to come soon from the September 2015/Jan 2015 batch. Here’s the links to the videos. Enjoy!

I am a big fan of visual sketching! Bernie has cought my attention eversince I stumbled across an article about her in the Star Rage section. I am so glad that someone in Malaysia is really doing something about this! Here are links about Bernie Quah’s awesome Graphic Recording work below:

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